Daily Clean Up in Mangrove

As Kota Kinabalu wetland is located in the city, we are always working on the issue of garbage.
We are looking for the person to work on garbage problems together. Please contact us anytime.

Tide Schedule

Daily Clean Up Results

Total Weights (since 20.Nov.2018): 174Kg
Participants (since 20.Nov.2018): 52 persons

DateDay of the WeekClean Up SiteParticipants
Time (Hours)KgNote
20.Nov.2018TuersdaySite E (along the drainage)1 person1 h3Improve drainage
25.Nov.2018SundaySite D, E, F (along the drainage)49 persons2 h84Students
27.Nov.2018TuersdaySite D, E (along the drainage)1 person2 h6
28.Nov.2018WednesdaySite A (Entrance Bridge)1 person3 h8
30.Nov.2018FridaySite A (Entrance Bridge)1 person6 h-
Improve drainage
4.Dec.2018TuersdaySite A (Entrance Bridge)1 person2 h5Improve drainage
5.Dec.2018WednesdaySite E (along the drainage)34 person2 h62 Students
7.Dec.2018FridaySite A (Entrance Bridge)1 person1h-Improve drainage
13.Dec.2018ThursdaySite A (Entrance Bridge)1 person1 h-Improve drainage
26.Dec.2018WednesdaySite D, E, F3 person1h62 Japanese volunteer

Ramsar Site in the City

Ramsar Site No. 2290

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