The mangrove wetland is a vital habitat and feeding ground for thousands of animals including terrestrial and aquatic fauna. The unique characteristic of the mangrove forest provides microhabitats for animals. The stilt root of the Rhizophora spp. and the needle-like pneumatophores of the Avicennia spp. are microhabitats and refuge for small fishes, crabs and prawns. Above the ground, various types of insects, birds and mammals take refuge. The brackish water allows both marine and freshwater aquatic animals to survive. While the forest provides refuge, the animals’ activities in return benefit the plants in several ways. Burrowing animals especially the Crustaceans enhance oxygen penetration into the wet soil. Insects such as honeybees and butterflies act as pollinators.

Being the last mangrove forest in the centre of the Kota Kinabalu city, KK Wetlands provides shelter for many faunas including snakes, mudskippers, many types of crabs, fishes and breeding site for the horseshoe crabs.

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Ramsar Site in the City

Ramsar Site No. 2290

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