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Detectives Needed! Look Out For Pollution (Stage II)

Stage 1 of “Detectives needed! Look out for water pollution” program was conducted in 2012. The activities implemented are mapping the waterways in Kota Kinabalu Wetlands (KK Wetlands), recruiting and training volunteers as “Wetlands Rangers” for the mapping activity and conducting detailed analysis for the water quality at KKW.

This project aims to continue the efforts of determining the water quality at KK Wetlands, enhancing the Wetland Rangers Program involving youths and community for effective monitoring. Effective water quality monitoring requires the implementation of this community based program for the next 2 years in order to monitor the state of water quality at KK Wetlands.

This is a joint project between Kk Wetlands and Shell Malaysia through Shell Malaysia Sustainable Development (SD) Grant Year 4 Toward Mangrove Conservation.


Main objective: To enhance and implement Wetlands Ranger program for the next 2 years in continuation of water quality monitoring in KK Wetlands.  This will consist of:

  • Conducting secondary training workshops for “Wetland rangers” on monitoring water quality and reducing water pollution at specific areas;
  • Implementing the “Wetlands Rangers” program to collect water quality data and policing of surrounding areas
  • Carrying out further detailed analysis on the water quality at KK Wetlands
  • Providing recognition of contribution given for “Wetland Rangers”


Stakeholder Workshop on Mapping Waterways of Kota Kinabalu Wetlands

A stakeholder workshop was held on the 3rd of May 2014 with the objective of mapping the waterways and pollution sources in 5 selected stations within and outside of KK Wetlands, which are KK Wetlands Bridge, Likas Bay, Taman Keramat, Green Connection and Jalan Bukit Bendera / Jalan Wong Thau Yong.

The workshop was attended by 14 students from three secondary schools  SM All Saints, SM Shan Tao and SMK Taman Tun Fuad. The participants were first introduced to the program, then they were grouped into three groups. Each group was given tasks to be done at the different stations. These tasks were given to identify the source of pollution at their stations, to observe, record and map the areas according to the criteria stated in the worksheets given and also to clean up the stations.

After the mapping and observation activity, discussions and presentations were done at KK Wetlands and their findings are captured on a big map of Kota Kinabalu. From the workshop, participants became more aware of the water pollution in KK Wetlands waterways and shared their suggestions on how to reduce it.

Wetlands Rangers workshop 1 and 2

The Wetlands Rangers Workshop 1 was held on the 28th of June 2014 with the objective of collecting water quality data at four (4) selected stations, which are KK Wetlands Bridge, Likas Bay, Green Connection and Jalan Bukit Bendera / Jalan Wong Thau Yong. The workshop was attended by 20 students from four secondary schools – SMK Likas, SM All Saints, SM Shan Tao and SMK Taman Tun Fuad.

The participants were divided into four (4) groups and each group assigned to handle one task. The tasks were to collect water samples for laboratory analysis, to record in-situ parameters, to carry out bio-monitoring, and to clean up the waterways

During the field work, the students learned the correct way of collecting water samples, the importance of bio-monitoring and how to use the multiparameter meter and turbidity meter to take in-situ parameter measurements. They also helped to clean the waterways and increased their awareness about the pollution problem. The water samples collected were sent to the laboratory for analysis. The results will be out in the middle of July 2014 and the information is to be shared with the participants. The participants are to present their findings during the Wetlands Ranger Workshop 2 which is scheduled to be held on 9th August 2014.