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Voluntary Guardian at Kota Kinabalu Wetlands

Join in the conservation effort by registering as a Voluntary Guardian!

Voluntary Guardian

There are three main objectives of the Voluntary Guardian;

  1. We envisage a future in which the KKW enjoys on-going support and commitment of the community through the Voluntary Guardian who actively contribute to the objectives of the KKW.
  2. The Voluntary Guardian Program offers the community an opportunity to take an active role in supporting and promoting the care for natural heritage through the KKW educational program.
  3. Voluntary Guardians can help to instill awareness, promote responsibility and care for the environment, help to conduct nature program, leaded guided tours, involve in wetland management and help to raise funds.

Voluntary Guardians, who will be recruited and trained, shall contribute their time to
the management of KKW and all its program.

The registration form can be downloaded here.

Please read the terms and conditions before registering. For more info, please follow and like our Facebook page for the Voluntary Guardian of Sabah Wetlands Conservation Society!

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