I recall stories of WWF staff in the early years that the mangrove was a shocking sight during their first visit in 1996. The mangrove was barely grounded. There were evidences of squatters as remaining of the houses, bits of boardwalk between the former houses and signboards with the names of the “owners” marked out in red paint were all scattered around.
Over the years, continuous massive rehabilitation efforts by the early staffs of Sabah Wildlife Department WWF-Malaysia, Likas Wetlands Sanctuary Management Committee and later Sabah Wetlands Conservation Society, together with volunteers from all ages were a success. The swamp is now covered with various species of mangrove plants is an evidence of the successful conservation efforts.
My most memorable experience since voluntarily committed to KK Wetland years ago was to seeing and being involved in the transformation of KK Wetland from its humble beginning to what is now as a well-known and popular place for nature lovers. Despites of the challenges especially in protecting KK Wetland from the imminent threat of developments which are cropping at the borders. KK Wetland is now successfully registered as a Ramsar site, which is the second in Sabah and the seventh in Malaysia. As a Ramsar site, we hope this wetland can be sustained for the benefit of our future generations. On this note, I wish to thank everyone who has contributed to the development and management of KK Wetland regardless of your commitment as in monetary term, valuable time or participation.
Your unadulterated supports are highly appreciated,
Yours faithfully,
Datuk Haji Zainie Abdul Aucasa
President of Sabah Wetlands Conservation Society

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