Voluntary Guardian (VG)

The voluntary guardians of Kota Kinabalu Wetland (KKW) are committed volunteers who are trained in various tasks to manage the KKW with no financial reward.

This programme offers the community an opportunity to take an active role in supporting and promoting the care for natural heritage through the KKW Environmental Education Programme and KKW Voluntary Programme.

 Nature lovers who are dedicated, enthusiastic and have a passion for the living things and non-living things in the environment.
 To believe in the importance of nature conservation.
 Actively seek to understand the natural world and the ecological processes within it, and to share this knowledge with other people.
 To enjoy meeting people from all walks of life.
 To be able to carry out work in the outdoors.
*Specialized knowledge or skills are not required, as in-house training will be provided.

Voluntary Guardians are required to volunteer their services for at least 10 days per year, to assist in the management of Kota Kinabalu Wetland.

Areas of Involvement
 Wetland management
 Environmental education
 Fundraising

Benefits & Recognition
 Valuable knowledge, skill & experience
 Opportunity to contribute to the environment
 Certificate
 Volunteer Award
 Conservation Levy waived

Voluntary Guardians are expected to sign in and out in the volunteer attendance book. They have to inform KKW of their attendance before the commencement of their duties and if they are leaving early and before the end of their duties.
Voluntary Guardians are to observe a code of conduct:
 To be punctual at all times.
 To be courteous towards the visitors.
 To observe the rules and regulation of KKW.
 To be properly attired and put on their voluntary badge while on duty.
 To inform the staff in advance if they are not able to turn up for their duties.
 Voluntary Guardians must not represent KKW or its management to the media or elsewhere, based on their volunteer status, unless approval has been given.

Scope & Area of Tasks
1. Wetland Management
2. Marketing & Publicity
3. Environmental Education
4. Event Management

The registration form can be downloaded here.

Please read the terms and conditions before registering. For more info, please follow and like our Facebook page for the Voluntary Guardian of Sabah Wetlands Conservation Society!

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