ISCMW 2014

The 1st International Symposium on Conservation and Management of Wetlands (ISCMW 2014) with the theme “Sustainable Conservation and Management of Wetlands” was held in 2014 and resulted in a number of resolutions particularly on the conservation of wetlands as Ramsar sites.


ISCMW 2016

The 2nd International Symposium (ISCMW 2016) is “Wetlands: Connectivity, Corridors and Catchments”, aimed to identify new and innovative ways to conserve wetlands, to understand the scientific basis and the importance of local stakeholders’ involvement in conservation and management of wetlands. The theme of this symposium showed the importance of the relationship between the aspects of connectivity, corridors and catchments, in order to secure the healthy and vibrant wetlands so as to enable it to play an integral role in ecology of the watershed.

ISCMW 2018

There are many challenges to protecting and managing urban wetlands which are known for their esthetic values, biodiversity and their provisioning of ecosystem services. Despite their potential, there has been a continued and rapid erosion of urban wetlands associated with climate change, city expansion and pollution. Understanding these impacts on wetland functions will be helpful in evaluating suitable management practices which remains a huge challenge for wetland managers, scientists and civil society organizations. The 3rd International Symposium on the conservation and management of Urban Wetlands is designed to initiate discussion among key stakeholders from the public, private, academia and civil society organizations in recognizing wetlands’ larger benefits, addressing the threats and evaluating best practices including governance for urban wetlands. The 3rd International Symposium (ISCMW 2018) theme, “Integrated Conservation and Management of Urban Wetlands”, aiming to extract new ideas and resolutions on integrated management of urban wetlands. This upcoming symposium would be a platform for a fruitful discussion among stakeholders, practitioners and conservationist to share ideas and innovative ways to conserve and manage wetlands in Sabah and Malaysia, particularly for Kota Kinabalu Wetland Ramsar Site.


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